woensdag 27 april 2011

Massive update :-D

Finally hobby picture time:
During past easter weekend I finished the room that I'm refurbishing.Now I have to wait for my girl and mother to hang some wallpaper before finishing up the whole deal=> paint, floor and electric stuff.
That means that until the girls meet up and do their thing(7th of May), I have some time to spend with miniature soldiers :-D me happy, big time!
Further complications in the continuation of this blog were the loss of my camera(just misplaced, typical :-/), and the busy working days. However updating the blog can work a wonder when motivation is down.....so yhere we go:
Picture time :-D
I've been playing with the idea of finally painting up a warhammer fantasy army and the steampunk-tech style of the skaven spoke to me(the fact that i'll need 200+ models brings a shadow of a doubt :-P). But here are some pictures of an assasin that I've been colouring :

I've also been working on a Flames of war force on and off.
Finally finished my SS-recon platoon with an upgrade to tank hunters(4 Schwimmwagens to go....but those will be my first airbrush experiment).

Yesterday evening I was finally finishing my last strike cruiser for my Dark angels battlefleet gothic fleet. The rest of the force is green, but I liked the idea of a ravenwing dedicated strike cruiser :
A little sneak peek at some projects/conversions for golden deamon Germany( in August)-feeling the stress allready-

That's Valkia the bloody and a early-heresy world eater for you :-D
Finally the big project: The Severed
Some progress on the first squad of warriors and my first raider. Now it's time to start the edge highlights :-D

Have a go at it.
.....and remember, maybe one day I'll be able to take at least some decent pictures :-/

donderdag 14 april 2011

The other hobby!

As every homeowner will testify, the job is never done :-D
The previous owner gave a good start by installing a roof. However they refurbished the 1st floor horribly.
And that's where my other "hobby"-or call it time-drain- comes in.
Last year was dedicated to the master bed-room and now I'm doing the rest of the first floor.
1st room of the 2(+ hallway) is moving along  smoothly......the denizens of Commoragh are moving a lot slower ;-)
Cause and effect
But here's a picture of a couple of weeks ago:
In the meantime all the gyproc-plates have been mounted and I'm drywalling the seams @ the moment(after work)

I know.....all this is quite off-topic in this blog. However I'm covering the silence :-D

On the bright side:
I won the painting competition der lage landen in the GW-store in Amsterdam. In the category Single model 40K, I won first place! The Commisar of Krieg posted earlier brought home victory for me, and now he's off to the cabinet of a friend of mine.
I will however get some "professional" pictures and I'll post them ASAP. In the meantime the high from the win pushes me on in my motivation for golden deamon Germany.
Busy, busy at work so that's it for now