dinsdag 10 januari 2012

1 down, lots to go

Happy new year!!!

That was that, now on to business ;-)
Thanks to my Winged brush partner, I have these lovely pictures to show to you.
What happend was that we accepted a commision for a space marine army. But he hates to paint big things (really? but he won some competiotions with big things....yeah really!) So I took a shot at the armoured arsenal.
You can find more pictures on the winged brush website(click the banner you dummie! ;-)) and dim's blog. But here are the "panzers":

So how's that for the start of a new year?

There's a lot in the planning, so let's hope that I get it done & photographed!

I'd like to show you a whole lot of iron warriors in a couple of weeks. Furthermore there should be a finished version of army brat for a mini-exchange in about the same timespan. I'd also love to get the "evil" fleet of dreadfleet done by then.

A little further in the year I'll need to finish some stuff for the painting competition der lage landen=> I won single mini 40k last year with the death korps commisar=> high expectations :-D

But that's all in the future....I'll keep you posted!