vrijdag 28 september 2012

I need a second job :-D

Okay GD UK has come and gone....and what an impact. Last year, me and some friends decided to trade games day UK for a throne of skulls tournament, as GD UK 2011 was a total disappointment: -No new releases -Almost no news whatsoever -Way to much attention for dreadfleet -etc... However...how different this year's edition appears to have been. Forge world goodness for everyone :-D The terminators are amazing, the book looks SUPER!, the jetbikes are good but I'm not totally convinced, the tanks are nothing special but fit in the setting. But the one release that tops it all is this famous angry dude. Man, I'm going to enjoy painting that model to the best of my abilities. The expectations were high for the primarch models, but if they maintain this level....I'll need an extra job. I'll also need extra hobby time. Conclusion: Winning big on a lottery is the only solution ;-) Well not really, but progress will be sower as I'd like it to be. However, my cabint WILL eventually be adorned by at least 18 primarch models(maybe add the odd emperor, deamonic primarch...who knows). This bring me to my final point: Let me direct all my followers and coincidential visitors to this great website/blog that has been sparking my interest for a while. I really love the style. Content is good( some very good painting articles). And most of all he has the most interesting give aways ;-) So enough hornblowing... I present you Masterminis.net Check it out, it's worth it. You could even win a signed copy of the super cool angron model that I was talking about earlier! And how could I resist such an opportunity :-D Anyway, that's it for now.... I have some pictures to show but they'll have to wait as I can't get them to this computer. Some spoilers....well, I'm wrapping up the build of my first 1/35th scale model of a Pzkfw IV aufs H( I showed some progress on the tank commander in previous post). And then I'll try to elaborate on some alternative weathering techniques. A lot of firsts are coming up for me. And the little princess is coming along...I sculpted a tiny,tiny frog for the base of that one. And I'm quite pleased with it. So shortly some eye-candy for my estimated guests.

donderdag 20 september 2012


Not really, but that's what it feels like. After pushing myself to finish the dark eldar, it feels like I'm doing  nothing for the moment. Actually there's quite a lot going on at the moment.
As illustrated by the pictures I'm venturing outside of my "comfort zone " by trying on static military modelling. Talking about return to my roots. This is how I started with the hobby in the first place.

And of course I'm still working on my sculpting/ converting skills. I'm reasonably happy with this tru scale dark apostle. Now lets get some paint on him

As a final remark I must say that as a "fantasy " mini painter I'most of the time not over the moon about the style of miniature painting in military modelling. The vehicles are most of the time excellent. But the soldiers etc... don't do it for me. So let's try to do it better on this tank commander

vrijdag 27 juli 2012

The skully throne

Past weekend the very first throne of skulls tournament in 6th edition took place. And we were there! First of all: WE HAD A BLAST!
The format of ToS is great for 5 great games, in a hall filled to the rims with a great atmosphere. It's a little to 'loose' for hardcore tournament sharks. But for fun, casual games the format does the job. And our Saints tournament team brought back quite some honours.
I myself got nominated for best painted army. In itself a quite good archievement, it was an augmented recognition as I finished the whole army in barely 3 months. Not by coincidence the 3 months this blog has been drapped in silence:-D

So this post is about showing some pictures but even more about expressing some love for those who helped me trough, who pushed me when needed, who forgave me being an overstressed arse, etc... My love, my neighbour, the Saints. Thank you all.....no let me finish some additional freehands and other small stuff

donderdag 3 mei 2012

Amsterdam blues

Soooo....back from Amsterdam, the 2nd edition of the "lage landen painting competition" has come and gone. And I'm fairly pleased with the results. The competition was way tougher and that's a good thing. It felt less like giving a beating to a kid :-P
Ok, that sounded a bit to arrogant perhaps, but the difference in quality of the topcontenders was day and night compared to last year.
And still, on 4 entries: 40k single, fantasy single, LotR and 40K squad, I managed to score 3 times.
My single Fantasy(Krell) managed to finish third.

My Uruk-hai that I painted for golden demon germany 2011 managed a second place

And my Ravenwing command squad won me the gold in category 40k Squad.

As of last night I'm also mentioned on the "what's new today" post on the GW website.
So nothing to complain about :-D
However, the most fun of all this competing and travelling to Amsterdam is the growing number of acquaintances and friends in the "Inner circles" of good painters in Belgium and the Netherlands.
In the long run that is what it's all about. Walking towards the "stage" is fun, receiving the recognition and a thropy is bliss. But beign among people who share the same passion, who talk the same "slang" and influence each other to greater creative heights is the greatest kick you can get from it.

Later when sitting at home, toiling on another stress project(1500Pts of dark eldar, almost from scratch in 3 months for throne of skulls), I actually miss the vibe.
I can't wait to start some projects. As I won't be able to attend GD germany, I might try for Paris.
We'll see. Time will tell.
And now back to commoragh :-D

dinsdag 6 maart 2012

I'm done with boobies........nah, just kidding

Hi all,
here's the culmination of another fun round of mini-exchange:
Painted this mini for my buddy "Dims"
Not to many words as I'm currently finding a new job and I'm gradually growing tired of "showing off" myself time after time. Let the pictures speak for themselves....comments ARE welcome!

dinsdag 10 januari 2012

1 down, lots to go

Happy new year!!!

That was that, now on to business ;-)
Thanks to my Winged brush partner, I have these lovely pictures to show to you.
What happend was that we accepted a commision for a space marine army. But he hates to paint big things (really? but he won some competiotions with big things....yeah really!) So I took a shot at the armoured arsenal.
You can find more pictures on the winged brush website(click the banner you dummie! ;-)) and dim's blog. But here are the "panzers":

So how's that for the start of a new year?

There's a lot in the planning, so let's hope that I get it done & photographed!

I'd like to show you a whole lot of iron warriors in a couple of weeks. Furthermore there should be a finished version of army brat for a mini-exchange in about the same timespan. I'd also love to get the "evil" fleet of dreadfleet done by then.

A little further in the year I'll need to finish some stuff for the painting competition der lage landen=> I won single mini 40k last year with the death korps commisar=> high expectations :-D

But that's all in the future....I'll keep you posted!