donderdag 3 mei 2012

Amsterdam blues

Soooo....back from Amsterdam, the 2nd edition of the "lage landen painting competition" has come and gone. And I'm fairly pleased with the results. The competition was way tougher and that's a good thing. It felt less like giving a beating to a kid :-P
Ok, that sounded a bit to arrogant perhaps, but the difference in quality of the topcontenders was day and night compared to last year.
And still, on 4 entries: 40k single, fantasy single, LotR and 40K squad, I managed to score 3 times.
My single Fantasy(Krell) managed to finish third.

My Uruk-hai that I painted for golden demon germany 2011 managed a second place

And my Ravenwing command squad won me the gold in category 40k Squad.

As of last night I'm also mentioned on the "what's new today" post on the GW website.
So nothing to complain about :-D
However, the most fun of all this competing and travelling to Amsterdam is the growing number of acquaintances and friends in the "Inner circles" of good painters in Belgium and the Netherlands.
In the long run that is what it's all about. Walking towards the "stage" is fun, receiving the recognition and a thropy is bliss. But beign among people who share the same passion, who talk the same "slang" and influence each other to greater creative heights is the greatest kick you can get from it.

Later when sitting at home, toiling on another stress project(1500Pts of dark eldar, almost from scratch in 3 months for throne of skulls), I actually miss the vibe.
I can't wait to start some projects. As I won't be able to attend GD germany, I might try for Paris.
We'll see. Time will tell.
And now back to commoragh :-D

3 opmerkingen:

  1. Resultaten om trots op te zijn :)

    Good job, I hope to compete with you some day, maybe next year? ;)


  2. Top notch, en happy om naast je te hebben gestaan, zowel als brother in arms, als competitor, als mede-winnaar! En seriously: je bikes zijn ECHT vet!

  3. Thanks for the comments :-D
    Gerrie, laat ons eerst zo al eens afspreken. Dan kunnen we daarna kijken om te "competen" ;-)
    Pascal, may the winged brush corporation rise ;-)