woensdag 22 december 2010

Army list edition 1

After spending a couple of evenings pondering the denizens of Commoragh and reading some nice insights in a couple of other blogs I came up with this list. I'm keeping it at 1800 points with some ideas to push it to 2000.
I would love to get a lot of critique on this. I'm not that good on the tabletop battlefield up to now. I'd really like top improve and I'd also like to do that with an inspiring army(best painted ....keeping my fingers crossed). So advice from advanced list builders is what I crave for :-D....how dramatic

 Without further procrastinating:
I really loved to play a combo of the baron and lelith. However I came up with something else:
-Duke slicus(150pts)

-4 x trueborn with 4 x shardcarbine riding a venom with nightshields(133Pts)
These boys are accompanied by the duke and should make use of his buff poison rule


-10 kabalite warriors, 1 upgraded to sybarite and 2 weapon upgrades: splinter cannon x1 and blaster x1, riding a raider with nightshields & flickerfield(205Pts)
- 10 kabalite warriors, 1 upgraded to sybarite  with blast pistol & power weapon and 2 weapon upgrades: splinter cannon x1 and shredder x1, riding a raider with nightshields & flickerfield(220Pts)
- 10 kabalite warriors, 1 upgraded to sybarite and 1 weapon upgrade: splinter cannon x1 , riding a raider with nightshields, flickerfield and  splinter rack(200Pts)
-10 wyches, 1 upgraded to hekatrix with agoniser& blast pistol and 1 weapon upgrade: shardnet & impaler , riding a raider with flicker field, grisly trophies and it's dark lanc exchanged for a disintegrator cannon(230Pts)
-10 wyches, 1 upgraded to hekatrix with power weapon & blast pistol and 1 weapon upgrade: razorflails x2 , riding a raider with flicker field, chain snares and it's dark lanc exchanged for a disintegrator cannon(230Pts)

Heavy support

- Ravager with nightshields & flickerfield(125Pts)
- Ravager with nightshields & flickerfield(125Pts)

For the moment I'm 23 Pts over the limit so I need to cut some stuff.

The basic idea is according to going first or not make use of slicuss-vertical assault. I'd use my wyches to stop/tarpit his assault elements while trying to overwhelm his other units piecemeal with a concentrated mobile deluge of splintershots.

As I said....suggestions more than welcome. Id love to include some hellions, reavers or incubi just because I love the models and in the long run( when the model is released) the addition of 1 of the flyers as third heavy support choice looks interesting

vrijdag 10 december 2010

the severed

So back to commoragh(or somewhere out in space as "the severed" are a space bound Kabal)...

Ok, during the month of November I've been pondering on a colour palette for my dark eldar. I wanted something quite different from the "studio" army. I wanted something bright. What's also important that I want the army to convey the right feelings: Evil, arrogant, beautiful and vain.
On deviantart.com I found this:
I liked the impression it gave me so I started to think about these colours, the colour wheel etc...

To cut a long story short: By the time I had decided on a palette Phill Kelly wrote a lovely article on different Kabals. Apparently the palette that I envisioned was proudly worn by "the severed". Now I quite love their back ground so ....I'll be building a dark eldar army based on the severed Kabal.
In a short while I'll post some pictures from my test model a reaver jetbike from the cult of the Carnivorous Orchid, a wych cult tied to "the Severed".

donderdag 2 december 2010

slow progress is ....progress

So a very short one today.
I've been very busy with lot's of stuff: World of tanks(King tiger is in my grasp), Saints stuff(more on that later), something called my job and a little bit with painting. The results are here to see....and now that I see the pictures I have to say that my regular problem surfaces again: I'm too cautious with contrast. My highlights aren't high enough and my shadows are to light. So I'll be "extremising"the pants of the model as soon as I get some brush time :-D
In the mean time.....comments are welcome

donderdag 25 november 2010

motivation .....check!

So post number2....

As I mentioned earlier a part of my motivation to start this blog was to motivate myself into finishing stuff.
Well yesterday proved one of those evening where this actually works.

Aside from my interest in war on a table top, I'm also quite into history and by consequence real life wars of the past and present. a couple of months ago a friend of mine introduced me to the Beta-test of World of tanks. Since then I've been an overly obsessed thread-head. And this addiction sometimes eats up hobby time....grrr.

Anyway yesterday evening during the tank runs, the idea of updating this blog today forced me into undercoating and shading of 2 terminators from space hulk. I also started a first draft of a dark eldar armylist(I like to build my armies towards a pre-set list). I'll post it in the future and any comment is more than welcome. That way I can pimp my list before I start building the models. I'm no good nor experienced general.....yet! ;-)

But without further ado....some pictures of the 2 terminators in the background and a figure that I'm painting for a friend of mine(the mini-exchange I talked about)

comments and praises ar welcome....as always.
And the normal excuses like bad pictures(mobile) etc...are valid :-P

till next time

maandag 22 november 2010

A start


because it looks like a good way to motivate myself. I also like to opportunity to get feedback...and of course to spit my opnions into the whole wide world ;-D


A tracking of my progress on several projects and hopefully a tool to better myself.
A couple of those projects are...to win a golden demon, to win a best painted award at a tournament, to improve my drawing and airbrush skills,....

I'm Gert, a 29 year old guy from Belgium.
As a counter balance for the day-job I try to archive something more creative and graphical at home.
My ambitions and wishes outstrip my abilities by far. But hey, you've got to aim for the stars.

So....what's on the table for the moment:
I'm trying to convert something that I'd like to add in the single miniature fantasy category @ a golden deamon(probably UK or germany 2011).
I'm also drybrushing some german armour for a flames of war SS-force(gotta love painting oak leaf etc...)
As an on-going chore I'm finishing up terminator number 6 and 7 from the space hulk set.
And finally I'm trying to enrich my painting skills through the means of a mini exchange. I'm painting a friends mini(mordheim something) and he's painting ulrik the slayer for me. The idea is to exchange painted mini's @ Fantasy GT in the Netherlands(end of January). What's so special with that....Well 2 points:
*It's a kind of mini that I never painted before
*I'm trying to paint this kind of Natalya Melnik style(I got the DVD-set for my birthday).

I hope to post some future pictures of all these goodies.