vrijdag 10 december 2010

the severed

So back to commoragh(or somewhere out in space as "the severed" are a space bound Kabal)...

Ok, during the month of November I've been pondering on a colour palette for my dark eldar. I wanted something quite different from the "studio" army. I wanted something bright. What's also important that I want the army to convey the right feelings: Evil, arrogant, beautiful and vain.
On deviantart.com I found this:
I liked the impression it gave me so I started to think about these colours, the colour wheel etc...

To cut a long story short: By the time I had decided on a palette Phill Kelly wrote a lovely article on different Kabals. Apparently the palette that I envisioned was proudly worn by "the severed". Now I quite love their back ground so ....I'll be building a dark eldar army based on the severed Kabal.
In a short while I'll post some pictures from my test model a reaver jetbike from the cult of the Carnivorous Orchid, a wych cult tied to "the Severed".

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