dinsdag 26 april 2016

Through the chemclouds, they come

Almost done!

In a couple of days my grind on the Grave wardens will be over.
These models are so f*cking cool. A bit limited in their posing possibilities but so characterful for Death Guard.
I guess I'll need more of them in the future (to hike my army to a respectable 2k or 3k points).
But before I ponder that too much I'm finishing my current 1,5k points.
The Grave wardens bring me to a total of 15 painted models + Mortarion (he's not realy included in the 1,5k points but can bring my army to about 2k).
Which leaves me with 10 tacticals, 10 breachers, 6 or 7 deathshroud, 1 contemptor, 2 rapier batteries & typhon....sigh...
I might need to pick up the pace a little bit but I do not want to rush them.
But enough ranting for now....some eye candy on the progress of these dudes.