donderdag 21 januari 2016

Gene father of the fourteenth

The last couple of weeks I've been slowly grinding on and on.
And today I want to share some pictures with the actual progress on Mr. Mortarion, the death lord himself.

Still a lot of work to do and there are some parts that still need to be cleaned and basecoated.
But I'm pretty pleased with how the off white armour is evolving. Completely differenty from my Horus but I feel it's fitting for Mortarion. While I want to leave it open whether my death guard are still 'loyal' or have already fallen for the guile of the warmaster, I believe Mortarion always had a sinister aura. And that's what I am aiming for. My horus is clearly still the shiny, white armoured paragon of the imperial truth (I leave evil Horus for a possible second sculpt by Forge world). Mortarion needs a bit more grit, weathering, grime....Will it work out as planned? Well....we'll need to see about that! I still find envisioning the final result of a mini in advance very hard.

As a parting shot and because he's mentioned a couple of times: Horus

dinsdag 5 januari 2016


It took a while, but that is OK. I'm not working towards a hard deadline here.
And I also hope that now that I've completed the colour scheme designing process, my next models will go a bit faster. I've already located some redundant and useless steps that I will cut out.
But first some pictures. And please remember that your comments/ideas are very much appreciated!

The next 5 breachers are ready for priming. The bases need some final finishing. But apart from that they are good to go. But as I've been a little bit under the weather lately, I've not started the priming. I do my airbrushing in the garage and it's pretty cold there. So instead I choose to clean my grave wardens. What lovely models! I can't wait to start painting those.
I've also started on the big guy, but this is still pretty rough.