vrijdag 25 februari 2011

Emerging kabalites


My first  kabalite is as good as done. I want some freehand "unit/kabal"-markings but this is more or less the way that my kabalite forces ("all 35 of them") willl look.
Like/dislike? Suggestions welcome as allways.

Furthermore some WIP shots of the first raider:
Slowly getting there :-P

Not many words this time(busy, busy, busy), but I hope you enjoy the eyecandy!
And I really would love it to get additional feedback from all those skilled painters out there!

As a last minute treat: Some FOW- Das Reich scouts
These really need some better lighting, but we'll fix when they are flocked and labelled(want to paint the base-edges black with SS markings).

maandag 14 februari 2011

It flies!!!!

So finally a kind of productive weekend!
It started out well with me sitting with some guys that just started the hobby and spending a nice evening of painting together. And during past sunday I found some time in between different tank battles(yep, still addicted to World of tanks). So as a result I'm proud to announce that my first raider is flying :-P. Most of the internals have been painted. The bottom has been painted as well and I mounted the sail and dark lance.
The exterior and details still need a lot of work, BUT....I can start to admire the lovely shape and make flying noises...All the good stuff :-D
My first kabalite warrior is approaching the finish as well and the rest of the squad is ready for priming.
And my first ravager is having it's interior highlighted :-D Lot's of work done allready but much more to come yet !
On the topic of other projects: I started de-mouldlining the imperial guard commisar for the mini-exchange and this refreshed my love-hate relationship with forge world. The details on these mini's is amazing. No other word can describe them, BUT...the mould lines are one f*cking job to get them of.Sometimes it seems that the moulds have shifted a full millimeter away from each other. This means a lot of carefull grinding and probably a little resculpting....I'll keep you posted.

As a final note: I was driving to work this morning and all of a sudden it hit me. "The severed" didn't choose a sissy colourscheme. It's all about crushing the spirit of their prey. Imagine:
 after a night of beign terrorised by strange, scary sounds and all, you see a flash of purply, pink colour resembling a new dawn. You're fully convinced that you will be safed or at least you'll have a chance to defend yourself against the until now unseen foe. But all of a sudden these hopes are crushed and "the severed" start to feed on your despair! (blablabla....the colour of the dawn today resembled my colour scheme :-p)

donderdag 10 februari 2011

Trickle, trickle...the hobby faucet needs some more pressure


time for another post. This won't be saying to much as "nothing" happened to really talk about. However I'd like to make this a sort of introduction to a little bit more interesting posts right around the corner.
To actually include at least 1 interesting(let's hope so) picture in this post:
During the move(more about that in a sec) I made some time to "pose" my finished Isengard project. I'll be staying away from lotr for a long while, save for maybe a shot at one of the characters for the occasional painting competition. But....behold my Uruk Hai :-D
On a further note, I started a new mini exchange with 2 friends and I'll be painting the sword drawing-death korps of Krieg Commisar from forge world for one of them. I still need to start cleaning the model up. So give me some time before the first WIP-shots.

As a final "subject" I'd like to explain myself for the lack of new stuff. At the moment I'm extremely busy upgrading the complete first floor of my house. Last year the "master bedroom" was treated that way and for me a lot of actions were quite new. Not completely dissapointed in myself and a whole bunch of experiences added to my resume, I'm now ready to take on the next two bedrooms(one of them is actually the office/hobby room). I want to finish like twice the work in half the time :-p
And i hope I'll be still able to make some progress here... So keep your fingers crossed, I know I will!