maandag 14 februari 2011

It flies!!!!

So finally a kind of productive weekend!
It started out well with me sitting with some guys that just started the hobby and spending a nice evening of painting together. And during past sunday I found some time in between different tank battles(yep, still addicted to World of tanks). So as a result I'm proud to announce that my first raider is flying :-P. Most of the internals have been painted. The bottom has been painted as well and I mounted the sail and dark lance.
The exterior and details still need a lot of work, BUT....I can start to admire the lovely shape and make flying noises...All the good stuff :-D
My first kabalite warrior is approaching the finish as well and the rest of the squad is ready for priming.
And my first ravager is having it's interior highlighted :-D Lot's of work done allready but much more to come yet !
On the topic of other projects: I started de-mouldlining the imperial guard commisar for the mini-exchange and this refreshed my love-hate relationship with forge world. The details on these mini's is amazing. No other word can describe them, BUT...the mould lines are one f*cking job to get them of.Sometimes it seems that the moulds have shifted a full millimeter away from each other. This means a lot of carefull grinding and probably a little resculpting....I'll keep you posted.

As a final note: I was driving to work this morning and all of a sudden it hit me. "The severed" didn't choose a sissy colourscheme. It's all about crushing the spirit of their prey. Imagine:
 after a night of beign terrorised by strange, scary sounds and all, you see a flash of purply, pink colour resembling a new dawn. You're fully convinced that you will be safed or at least you'll have a chance to defend yourself against the until now unseen foe. But all of a sudden these hopes are crushed and "the severed" start to feed on your despair! (blablabla....the colour of the dawn today resembled my colour scheme :-p)

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