maandag 22 november 2010

A start


because it looks like a good way to motivate myself. I also like to opportunity to get feedback...and of course to spit my opnions into the whole wide world ;-D


A tracking of my progress on several projects and hopefully a tool to better myself.
A couple of those projects win a golden demon, to win a best painted award at a tournament, to improve my drawing and airbrush skills,....

I'm Gert, a 29 year old guy from Belgium.
As a counter balance for the day-job I try to archive something more creative and graphical at home.
My ambitions and wishes outstrip my abilities by far. But hey, you've got to aim for the stars.

So....what's on the table for the moment:
I'm trying to convert something that I'd like to add in the single miniature fantasy category @ a golden deamon(probably UK or germany 2011).
I'm also drybrushing some german armour for a flames of war SS-force(gotta love painting oak leaf etc...)
As an on-going chore I'm finishing up terminator number 6 and 7 from the space hulk set.
And finally I'm trying to enrich my painting skills through the means of a mini exchange. I'm painting a friends mini(mordheim something) and he's painting ulrik the slayer for me. The idea is to exchange painted mini's @ Fantasy GT in the Netherlands(end of January). What's so special with that....Well 2 points:
*It's a kind of mini that I never painted before
*I'm trying to paint this kind of Natalya Melnik style(I got the DVD-set for my birthday).

I hope to post some future pictures of all these goodies.


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