vrijdag 27 juli 2012

The skully throne

Past weekend the very first throne of skulls tournament in 6th edition took place. And we were there! First of all: WE HAD A BLAST!
The format of ToS is great for 5 great games, in a hall filled to the rims with a great atmosphere. It's a little to 'loose' for hardcore tournament sharks. But for fun, casual games the format does the job. And our Saints tournament team brought back quite some honours.
I myself got nominated for best painted army. In itself a quite good archievement, it was an augmented recognition as I finished the whole army in barely 3 months. Not by coincidence the 3 months this blog has been drapped in silence:-D

So this post is about showing some pictures but even more about expressing some love for those who helped me trough, who pushed me when needed, who forgave me being an overstressed arse, etc... My love, my neighbour, the Saints. Thank you all.....no let me finish some additional freehands and other small stuff

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