vrijdag 28 september 2012

I need a second job :-D

Okay GD UK has come and gone....and what an impact. Last year, me and some friends decided to trade games day UK for a throne of skulls tournament, as GD UK 2011 was a total disappointment: -No new releases -Almost no news whatsoever -Way to much attention for dreadfleet -etc... However...how different this year's edition appears to have been. Forge world goodness for everyone :-D The terminators are amazing, the book looks SUPER!, the jetbikes are good but I'm not totally convinced, the tanks are nothing special but fit in the setting. But the one release that tops it all is this famous angry dude. Man, I'm going to enjoy painting that model to the best of my abilities. The expectations were high for the primarch models, but if they maintain this level....I'll need an extra job. I'll also need extra hobby time. Conclusion: Winning big on a lottery is the only solution ;-) Well not really, but progress will be sower as I'd like it to be. However, my cabint WILL eventually be adorned by at least 18 primarch models(maybe add the odd emperor, deamonic primarch...who knows). This bring me to my final point: Let me direct all my followers and coincidential visitors to this great website/blog that has been sparking my interest for a while. I really love the style. Content is good( some very good painting articles). And most of all he has the most interesting give aways ;-) So enough hornblowing... I present you Masterminis.net Check it out, it's worth it. You could even win a signed copy of the super cool angron model that I was talking about earlier! And how could I resist such an opportunity :-D Anyway, that's it for now.... I have some pictures to show but they'll have to wait as I can't get them to this computer. Some spoilers....well, I'm wrapping up the build of my first 1/35th scale model of a Pzkfw IV aufs H( I showed some progress on the tank commander in previous post). And then I'll try to elaborate on some alternative weathering techniques. A lot of firsts are coming up for me. And the little princess is coming along...I sculpted a tiny,tiny frog for the base of that one. And I'm quite pleased with it. So shortly some eye-candy for my estimated guests.

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