donderdag 18 april 2013

It's ALIVE!!!!

How long has it been....well simply put: I can't even remember. For a while I was really demotivated about blogging as I'm kinda disappointed by the quality of my pictures. That way, the mini's always look worse than they are in real life. I think a lot of blog's suffer the same fate. I find it extremely hard to invest time in setting up my mini studio, the lights and do the effort required to make at least some decent pictures. Additionally my camera is a little bit outdated. even with macro settings, tripod, etc... my phone makes better pictures :-( I should get a tripod for my phone, I guess. But anyway, past months have been quite eventful on the real life & with painting. So let's bring you up-to-date. I'm sure you all heard about the bananalicious contest on the massive-voodoo blog. In case you haven't: Shame on you! I've pushed myself to finish sorcha(Warmachines/Khador) as she was standing-face painted and all- on my desk for 6 years now. I also included my first infinity mini. I've got myself the Japanese sectorial army starter and I fully intend to paint them all to get some infinity games in. When however, is a question that I can't answer yet ;-) As I had a mishap with my true-scale wordbearer, I included an old model at the last minute. I didn't win anything, but I was glad to be a part of the "event". Without the proper support, these things die and that would be a shame.

Next "milestone" was my first attendance to "painting crusade" in Brussels. If you don't know the event, you are missing out. The level of entries was just completely mind blowing. I liked seeing my entry a midst some slayer sword winners . And it got even better the moment I discovered that my duel was awarded a Bronze medal in the advanced class. Not quite yet aiming for "master-class", but w'll get there :-P

So fast forward to "The fang"-the new name for "de lage landen painting competition": I entered with the same duel(which automatically was selected due to lack of any competition) and a single 40k mini(a last minute entry finished between 22nd of March and the 11th of April). As time was running short, I searched my box with "character" models and found a special edition space marine. The pose spoke to me and said 2 words:"Last stand" And as I wanted to try and experiment with some brighter colours I opted for the "firehawks" chapter as shown in the "badab war" imperial armour books.Orange, yellow, red....bright colours?Check! The most proud I am about my last minute showbase. I finally saw the light and started to enjoy elaborating on the base and thus the story. I always considered it a burden, but now for the very first time I actually enjoyed it. By the way, the base was build and painted in three evening :-D Not to shabby

these are still some w.i.p's Expect some more pictures in a next update

So that's a quick update of the hobby events. Apart from that I'm proud to announce that by the end of October I should become a father for my first time. I'm really looking forward to it. Yes it will probably have repercussions on the amount of painting that I get done. But honestly,....screw that! Happy to be excpecting, I am!!!

As a final note a small "sneak preview": I'm trying to wrap up the practical arrangements for organizing a Massive Voodoo workshop in the Southern part of the Netherlands. Expect more info soon!

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  1. Congratulations in becoming a father.

    I had the pleasure to see your models in the flesh last sunday in Gelrode. Someone awarded me with a 2nd place in the single mini (a Nurgle Terminator) there, but next to your work that kinda melts away like snow in the sun.

    Anyway, very nice and like the orange scheme for the marine.

  2. A big update with a lot of good news :) keep it up I'd say :D


  3. @Greldinard: Thx for the kind words. Gerrie did the judging, but I had myself a peek at the entries and your termi was one of those that stood out. And well, if you really want to go for display stuff: practice, practice, practice,...Find some good painting buddies and push each other to higher heights and perhaps attend the workshop I'm organizing. It'll take place close to the "Efteling" theme park.
    @Gerrie: You see what some motivational words can do ;-)

  4. Already more info on the workshop? Would really much love to participate and already made a sort of reservation with Pascal at the Fang ;)

  5. Thanks for the interest :-D Basically the status is near public reveal/advertissment. I received an e-mail that plane tickets are gonne be booked in a short while. But their website, my blog and even will be used to announce the (MV)workshop.