dinsdag 10 januari 2012

1 down, lots to go

Happy new year!!!

That was that, now on to business ;-)
Thanks to my Winged brush partner, I have these lovely pictures to show to you.
What happend was that we accepted a commision for a space marine army. But he hates to paint big things (really? but he won some competiotions with big things....yeah really!) So I took a shot at the armoured arsenal.
You can find more pictures on the winged brush website(click the banner you dummie! ;-)) and dim's blog. But here are the "panzers":

So how's that for the start of a new year?

There's a lot in the planning, so let's hope that I get it done & photographed!

I'd like to show you a whole lot of iron warriors in a couple of weeks. Furthermore there should be a finished version of army brat for a mini-exchange in about the same timespan. I'd also love to get the "evil" fleet of dreadfleet done by then.

A little further in the year I'll need to finish some stuff for the painting competition der lage landen=> I won single mini 40k last year with the death korps commisar=> high expectations :-D

But that's all in the future....I'll keep you posted!

4 opmerkingen:

  1. Still an awesome sight to behold, and this customer will have a great addition to his army. Well done!

  2. Very nice Army. Wish I had some extra cash to have an army painted like that. Keep up the nice work.

  3. @ particle: a single centerpiece mini/commander might be a nice start....contact us and we can talk about it

  4. Nice work on the white armour plates. White can be tough to combine with black and get it to look nice and consistent. I think you've done a great job here!

    From the Warp