donderdag 10 november 2011


It has been a while....that's for sure.
But that doesn't mean that I've been sitting still. Au contraire...
Since the last post Winged brush picked up the pace. We received a good amount of request and some of these became orders. The original idea for this commision painting initiative was to paint single models to a very high standard. That way we were going to  push our own skills and provide our services. However, we've been mostly painting armies.....But that pushes our skills in an other direction. I can say for sure that once in painting mode(and especially batch paintingmode) I'm painting way quicker and way more efficient than say 3 months ago.
However, on other fields: work, refurbishment of the house and planning of a wedding I've also been craking on. Funny how time flies when you're busy. And sometimes moments like these, sitting down and thinking about what's happend during all these months is quite amazing: " Did I do all of that in such a short span of time".
But hell, no only talking and whinning on this blog:
Here are some pictures of 600Pts of iron warriors that I painted in about 2weeks. The basing has been done by the owner, the pictures too:

Both razorbacks are almost finished as we speak.
Further I've almost completed the "evil" fleet of dreadfleet and I started again on my Dark Eldar...So keep an eye open for upcoming updates :-D

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  1. Awesome work in relatively short time - good work bro. `Love the black-and-yellow striped markings,

  2. Great Blog!

    Im following you!

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