woensdag 14 september 2011


It sure has been a while but you'll understand why in a minute.
Since last post I've been painting a lot( GD UK, Iron warrior army for a friend, first Commision for Winged brush co) and a lot has happened. I turned 30, I proposed to my girlfriend, I've started to refurbish the last bedroom in my house.
Ok I know lame excuses :-D But most of all I'm done with posting shitty pictures of beautiful paint job.
Very modest I know ;-) But the fact of the matter is that no paintjob was flattered by my photographic skills/efforts, be it demon quality or just above tabletop.

So I hope to kick off this new "era"(melodramatic me is grinning his *ss off)
A possible future collaboration with a friend who also is a photograph(http://www.facebook.com/pages/Wendy-Marien-Photography/159210994153620) and some nice pictures thanks to Pascal http://dimsgalleries.blogspot.com.
enjoy, comment and good riddance!
Old attempt at a golden demon( and second model in my tru-scale loyalist-turning traiter mid-heresy project)
Old attempt at golden demon(earned me a finalist pin in 2008 UK)

First commision job for a webstore

Important final words: All your Commision questions: wingedbrushco@hotmail.com

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