woensdag 3 augustus 2011

Almost Games day Germany!!!

Goodmoring all,

after quite a long silence I'm back with a new post. Frankly I was getting tired of putting myself to shame with shabby pictures. And altough I'm not quite over the moon with the following pictures either, I believe they are quite an improvement. Using a real camera instead of my phone, some double lighting and suppressing the flash are a good start. I'll be using a background, a custom picture box (shamelessly stolen idea from Massive voodoo=> see trough garbage bin) and perhaps a quick auto color balancing in photoshop in the future. So further improvement is on the way!
.....and there was much rejoicing :-D.
Anyway back to business and eyecandy. I hope you like the flavour!
Okay, I'm trying to paint some of the lovely "iron" armour Iron warriors=> pre-heresy, loyal iron warriors as kind of a commision  job for a friend of mine. This is a test model. And if he approves, ther will be many models like this to go :-/

As you might notice the basing isn't painted. But that's something he wanted to do for himself. Let's hope to see some pictures in the future where he finished the basing. I really finishes a model in my opinion.
Just to give a bit of  a teaser at the end....I'm participating in golden demon this weekend. And here's a small picture of a model from the 40k squad.
As allways comments are welcome!

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