woensdag 6 juli 2011

I love the smell of bacon in the moring!!! It smells like...Victory!

What a way to kick off a new post! Anybody seen apocalypse now?

After a very good painting session @ Dims place(http://dimsgalleries.blogspot.com/) I started pimping a lot of my blend-works on my Golden deamon entry- the little green men in the picture ;-)-.
The painting session was very helpful and again illustrates why anybody needs a painting buddy with at least an equal level of skills(preferably more ;-)).  We started off with a good idea=> 5 Dark angels as squad instead of 10. Looks way better on the display plate and more paint time for every marine.
Then I got smacked in the face :-P No really, he was right...my blends were way to rough, some of the freehands were crooked=> result: a lot of  re-iterartion of the green tough guys :-D
I re-started blending on friday night and after some frustrating tries, I came to a result I can live with.

Let's fast forward to yesterday evening, because in between came some frustrating evenings away from the paint station. I've been expanding my possibilities in the hobby-room....but I really should have been painting like a mad man.
Okay...the results before yesterday evening.
Yesterday I finally got around to some painting. I re-did the blends on my first marine again! And as I need to get to some serious results, the plan is to work my magic tonight. Hence the breakfast table with my paintstuff allready in position.
Keep your thumbs up, unless you plan to compete in the 40k squad category in Colonge ;-)

If all goes well I'll be taking some close ups this weekend. I hope to finally show off some details of the enties in progress

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