dinsdag 21 juni 2011

GD entries progress

So another sad morning!!!
All the good weather that happend in May has drained the fun out of June :-D
To add some more grief our Neighbour died yesterday...I didn't know him very well(I just moved in 2 years ago) and for him it was the best solution( 83 years old and since almost a year he couldn't move/speak/take care of himself). However It's very sad for his wife and family....Why am I mentioning this. Honestly, I have no clue. The sad morning light brought me to it.
Anyway, I tried to take a decent picture of my current GD project in the same sad morning light, with my under-archieving camera on my mobile(Hey, I was rushing to work, bear with me).
Feel free to tell me what you think of them:
It's a very old hybrid metal-plastic kit of a Dark angels tactical squad. I might have explained before, but it seemed like a fun challenge to paint these "vintage" models to a high standard(or at least try to ;-)).
They will be arranged on a kind of glass plate that a good friend is making for me.....connections, what would live be without it :-D

This will be it!!!
Hope they like it in Colonge.
.....Or one of the other entries :-D

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