vrijdag 28 januari 2011

More WIP's and the end of a mini-exchange

It's been a while, and I know that this seems like my targets, goals and good intentions for 2011 are flying out of the door allready. However, it's been crazy like hell in my life last weeks. Last weekend me and my pals from the Saints ran a grand tournament for Fantasy in Tilburg(the Netherlands). 56 Attendees....good times and not much sleep. The GT was also the closing date for my mini-exchange. Some pictures of my finished entry:

The Dark eldar mini is the more or less finished stage of my test model. I need to do some freehands on the canopy. And my army-mini's will need to be a little more detailed and less of a rush job. But I'm quite happy with the colours. The gems/display have been altered to some scorpion green/golden yellow mix, and I like it much more than the orange version. The idea is to draw the free-hands in the same bright green colour. I hope this turns ou all right.

As allways comments, suggestion etc... are more than welcome(altough still absent for the moment ;-))

2 opmerkingen:

  1. How are you doing this beautiful blending man?
    It's awesome to see!

  2. Many, many layers of thinned down warlock purple(No, it's not pink !!!!). Dry out most of the water out of your brush before applying it. Let the layers dry very good in between...and then rinse and repeat :-D
    A very good tip that I figured out later on: use the length of your brush instead of the tip.
    And above all remember where your previous layer started, you will not allways be able to so where your very thin layer was applied!