maandag 21 maart 2011

These colours don't run

Almost done!

Here's a forgeworld commisar that I've been painting for a friend of mine(Mini exchange N°2). We did a kind of threesome....3 guys selected a model and then passed it to the left hand side. So I ended up with this model, my Drazhar(old dark eldar mini) is with another friend and the guy this commisar belongs to is painting an old kroot model from forgeworld(big scale). To up the ante we agreed to bring our models to the painting competition held in all GW shop in Flanders & The Netherlands. Next Saturday(26th) will be decide if these models make the first cut or not, 11th of April the final decision falls in Amsterdam GW.

I'd appreciate some crossed fingers and all :-P
Commernts are welcome!

On a different note: My production line painting of my first squad of kabalites is comming along, I did some nice progress on my raider & I started a Skaven model(might even make it for the same competition). The purpose of all this pictureless expectation.

I'll keep you posted

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