donderdag 3 april 2014

Primarchs in progress and more

Almost a year ago, that's how long it has been since an update. Shameful but proud at the same time, I sit while typing this. A lot has happend: *Together with a friend I've started a small company called "Artificer Terrain". We hope to present you with a functional website by the end of April. We aim to produce cheap solutions for hobbyists. From gaming terrain to counters, movement trays, display name it, it can be made with a lasercutter and we'll do it for you. The kick for us will be "custom design stuff". So: if you have an idea/need...please contact us! *I succesfully dragged the Massive voodoo guys to Sprang-Capelle(The Netherlands) for a beginners painting workshop. These boys will return somewhere in December '14 to repeat this course before we'll try and set up an advanced painting class....somewhere in 2015. In the meantime I'm also discussing a Golem studio workshop at the same location in September....Keep your eyes open! *I won some medals at SMC with Angron, a diorama and my "best of show" from the Fang in 2013 BUT MOST IMPORTANT OF ALL!!!!
Since Halloween 2013 I've become a father. My lovely wife gave birth to a super baby called Lars! He's approaching 6 months and growing very well. We've been blessed a healthy strong baby, who has a relative stable sleeping cycle! But let me spice this up with some pictures:
And as the title of the post suggests, as long-time fan of the "horus heresy" story I've been working on the primarchs a lot. I've "finished" Angron somewhere in October & Fulgrim around March. This his how they look right now:
However, not completely pleased with the result I've contacted some very good painters that I know & respect. After some pointers from Peter'Baphomet'Toth, Roman "Jarhead" Lappat, Pascal Rooze, Damien Pedley & Tommie Soule, I've decided to try something I've never did before: Pimp the paintjob after I "finished" it. So I hope to bring you some better versions of these not to far from now....I promise it won't take me another year ;-) Cheers!

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