dinsdag 13 mei 2014

After successfully inviting the Massive voodoo team to the Netherlands for a beginner’s workshop,

We are proud to introduce another weekend workshop:

This time we have the honor to introduce you to Tommie Soule from

In a weekend workshop he’ll teach you the following:

     Skills foundation Masterclass

Saturday 30th of August:

Learn the miniature painting fundamentals that underpin all paintjobs

Expert tuition and skills cheat sheet to help you grasp the principle

  • The different core brush strokes
  • The Holy Grail of the ideal paint consistency
  • The pallet and its full use
  • How to avoid lumpy streaky paint
  • Create a solid foundation for attending our other high level events
  • How to use the principles as a tool to keep improving your painting FOREVER
      The 3 rules of NMM

Sunday 31st of August:

How to improve your basic skills

develop all blending techniques

improve your accuracy

improve and refibe your existing NMM skills

understand ‘timing’

transfer NMM skills to other areas of painting.

We’ll provide you with a mini, lunch on Saturday & Sunday, a dinner on Saturday.

You bring your paint, brushes, lights, water pots, wet palette etc…  

€100,00 per person.

The available tickets are limited and the workshop will only be held from 10 reservations.

Reservations can be made at fenrir3@hotmail.com.
Detailed briefing will be sent out to all attendees.     

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