woensdag 4 november 2015


This blog has been death for a while. To be honest I've kept it alive to check on my favourite blog through this tool but haven't paid it any attention.
However that is about to change as I want to document my investment in 30K.
I've been liking the setting since the release of "horus rising". The decline of my interest in 40k due to a combination of re-writing the fluff, removing of the personality of armies due to unlimited allies etc... left a void. After seeing the excellent source books from Forgeworld I wanted to fill that void with something heresy related. However those cursed black library writers did an excellent job of making about all of the legion's pretty cool. And altough there have been a couple of dissapointing releases (I'm looking at you, facial sculpts of world eater rampager squad) forgeworld has released a ton of interesting legion specific units. So for me the picking of a legion was a hellish process.
But for the moment I've settled for Death Guard. The possibilities offered by a pale colour scheme and a tendency to keep their suits of armour in a less than perfect state gives me an interesting chance to experiment with weathering.

So Death Guard it was ....then list building came next as the price tag of FW's average portion of resin prevents me from going al out and buy way too much (plus the possibility that after the death guard I might be tempted to go for another legion, and another, and another, etc...).  Before the start of the list building I had a couple of absolutes: I wanted to include the released death guard character: Typhon was in. I also wanted to include both legion specific terminator units: Death shroud and grave wardens. Considering those and how I see the death guards way of war I opted for a full infantery force (for now limited to 1500pts) which resulted in 20 breachers, 10 tacticals, 5 grave wardens, 2 rapier laser destroyers, a contemptor and 6 deathshrouds(adding typhon makes seven :-D)

The list built for the moment (and to be added upon by adding Mortarion for example) I started to get some of the resin kits. In parallel I started to research some artwork & inspiration. The lovely artwork in the Forge world source books combined with some old artworks from various sources (thank you pintrest) is in a nice folder and is looked upon often.

I've started to build some breachers. I'm sketching out what will become the display/carry base for the army and I've prepared some basic approach about how to paint them. So we've started this endeavour fairly structured. I hope to be able to keep this up and do some regular updates on my progress. However, a lot of snapshot pictures will also be visible on this facebook page:

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