maandag 9 november 2015

Motivation brings progress

I'm terribly busy at the moment. At home we've torn down an old veranda and we're building an extension. Aside from physically helping a couple of days (moving a lot of bricks and basically taking care that the brick layers could focus on what is their talent), there is a lot that needs to be arranged. Next to that there is also a kid to raise. Our little pirate turned 2 last Halloween and what a piece of work he is! Which is great, but tiring. Considering all this, hobby has been a bit quite. But I'm really bursting at the seams with motivation to dig in my death guard army project. So in small bits and pieces, some progress was made.

Starting from Vallejo grey primer, I airbrushed some black from underneath and some white from the top. This resulted in some basic light situation on the models as you can see.

Now I've decided to paint 2 models as test model. Either I end up repainting 1 of them to match the army or both methods lead to comparable results and then I just have to decide which way I like best for a full army.

For my first test model I've opted for something akin to the Black & White technique by Mr. José Luis López. I've enhanced the contrast archieved by priming with some hand painted black in the shades & white on the highlights. Here are some pictures of the differences in contrast & readability. The idea is now to glaze some offwhite over it all and so smoothening out sloppy blends(which there will be plenty if I ever want to finish the army). After the "tinting" I will enhance the colour and contrast by glazing in different shades and re-highlighting with white. At the moment I'm still in doubt if I'll first block in some green parts. We'll see....

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