dinsdag 17 november 2015

Test model almost done.

Slowly I'm getting there, slowly the first test model is growing in something that I imagined as how my Death Guard should look.
There have been quite some moments of doubt: Will this method work, can I get enough contrast with that barely noticeable glaze of colour, etc... But while there is still some weathering needed, the bronze needs to be highlighted, a lot of details need to be painted, etc... I'm really starting to dig this colour scheme/method for my death guard. Yes, it is pretty intensive. And for sure, much cursing will be done after tactical marine number 15 :-/   But then again, I'm pretty sure that if I keep this up, keep myself motivated and stay away from sloppy shortcuts, I'll end up with one kick arse interpretation of Lord Typhon's first grand company. I hope you agree with me, but even more so after finishing the model and basing.
Additionally I've included my "mood board" scrapbook that I've created as a means to find an interesting twist on the colour scheme.
And on a side note I'm buzzing with excitement for the Adam Wilder workshop that I'll be attending this weekend. Something else, but as a history nut I'm really looking forward to learn more techniques to grow in that branch of our lovely hobby!

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