vrijdag 18 december 2015

Slowly but steady

Slowly but steady.....kind of fitting with the character of the death guard.
Then again I'm busy with quite a lot of different stuff so my hours spent on painting last month are rather rare. Furthermore I also do not want to rush these. In past projects I've often cut corners for a more rapid 'end' result. This often results in the finished product being just that sliver of quality off of being really good. Or so I keep telling myself.

Anyway....what did I do?
Well for the biggest part the first quarter of my breachers are done. There's quite a bit to do yet: freehand markings, finishing touches on the metals, weathering and combat damageand the eyes. But they at least start to look the part and are allowing me to appreciate a bit more how the finished army will look.

You can already see a hint of my basing idea. As I wanted to use both Typhon & Mortarion on their bases as they are delivered with them, I needed to find a way to fit the bases of my army with these 2 characters. I'll be aiming for a wrecked concrete floor: Think bomb craters & combat damage to an industrial locale. The byro-lines on the base will be replaced by some plasticard shape echoing the edges of typhon & Mortarion's base. Hopefully this will result in the illusion of a floor resembling this:
stelcon platen
I have good hopes that this will look pretty cool....but we will see. Bear with me and please remember: Slowly but steady!

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  1. I see paintings! Slow or fast, any paint is good, maintain motivation or the rob shall be unleashed!! :D