dinsdag 16 februari 2016


My airbrush setup is far from perfect.
I'm confined to an old, 'airy' garage for my airbrushing.
This kind of shuts me down for most of winter in regard to airbrushing.  Now and then I have a good day where fair weather coincides with some free time.  Some of these lucky breaks allowed me to prime the next batch of 5 breachers. I primed them black and white, then "upgraded" the basecoat and now I need to wait for another lucky break to spray some very thin coats of light beige over this high contrast base.

I also finished their bases. This way I can mount them on the base as soon as they are airbrushed. Ok, I'll have to be a bit more careful with my brushstrokes around the feet, but I can integrate the models much better in the base. On the picture the bases weren't completely done yet. The sandy area is tinted and drybrushed after this stage to add extra depth.

Just as I was about ready with Mortarion (who actually deserves some better pictures but consider this as a teaser), the weather changed.

Gone were the hopes for further advances into my next quarter squad of breachers.
So I started on a model that I had worked on right after last years Scale model challenge. To be completely honest, a lot of pent up frustration about the judging at that event was put into the model. I also promised myself that I would stop whining about it after I finished the model....but the model got sidetracked and my whining continued.....:-/
No More!!! I'm just about to wrap this one up!

And then we'll see what the weekend brings as I'm looking forward a lot to the upcoming Banshee workshop. Colour, colour everywhere.....my more muted style can use some more bright colours!

And just a reminder: I'm extremely interested in your opinion, pointers, comments etc....

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