woensdag 16 maart 2016

Wait for it.........

What happend to my intentions of updating more often?

Well actually, not taking pictures and limited hobby time happened!
The last couple of weeks I've been slowly grinding on the next 5 breachers.
And actually they are pretty close to completion.
I've also built my grave wardens and started on their bases. That way I can airbrush/prime them at the same occasion.

But back to the breachers. At a certain point I decided to not use the stellar decal/transfer sheet from forge world. This meant lots of small freehands. But as I figured the army wasn't going to be that massive, I kinda accepted the consequences. In reality this always becomes a point in time where my progress stalls a bit. I like doing the freehands but dread it at the same time.

But after leaving the dread behind I slowely started to make some headway:

Not perfect, but good enough hidden partially behind the breacher shield.
Likewise I added legion symbols, roman numerals and other minor marking to all the models. Minimal, as we are talking about death guard. And then I assembled the models and started finishing the breachers shields and backpacks on the model itself.

And another hesitation for the next freehands :-/
And more cursing about not using the transfer sheet....
But lets start with blocking in some green banding:

So let's hope this evenings painting session brings more tiny scribblings, less fear and some steps closer to finishing these 5 breachers. I can't wait to have the first 10 troops surrounding Mortarion on picture.
And yes....again I've come up with the idea that this is the last army I'll ever do. So much other cool projects are haunting my dreams. But I will persist, I will not rush and I will do my death guard army justice!

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